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We stand up for pluralism. The coexistence of different social interests and lifestyles plays an important role in democracy. Respect and the respect for all people with their different opinions, interests and goals leads to a social harmonization.



In order to preserve diversity in the world, all people, regardless of their gender, age or religious beliefs, origin, sexual identity or social situation must be allowed to have a space in which to freely develop their personality. We value and promote this freedom. That is what makes our world special.



We promote the teaching of basic values such as respect. This form of appreciation for other positions avoids conflicts. Together we find a language of respectful togetherness and promote understanding, openness and peace.


Who is the Save Society?

There are many ways to do something good. However, diversity and the how?? often cause headaches. You may also wonder sometimes if your donation has actually made any difference. Our experts will ensure that your donation has a positive, measurable and sustainable impact.


The non-profit organization Save Society was founded in 2014 with disadvantaged children in mind in order to find people for them with expertise and access to innovative projects. In short, Save Society is a smart platform for your social engagement.


Health, education and a loving environment without violence and abuse are key factors in a child’s life so that it can reach its full potential. Many children, however, are denied this chance as they are severely disadvantaged due to their social environment.
We want to invest in hope and promote projects that will enable these children to later determine their lives themselves and to positively shape the future of other generations.


Effect counts: We have a clear focus on people in need and select projects with the aim of achieving a measurable and scientifically evidenced improvement in their living conditions.

Expertise: An international team of experts with many years of practical and on-site experience selects and accompanies all projects at the highest level.

Our track record

The Save Society is constantly promoting a variety of projects in Europe and around the world. Its scope covers areas such as anti-discrimination work, education, old-age poverty, bullying, gender diversion and health. We are only as successful as the projects we support.

Innovations are born in the head

Old-age poverty

More and more people do not have sufficient money left to live on. In spite of their well-earned retirement pay, senior citizens are forced to collect returnable bottles or work until the end of their lives. As a result, a cultural decline in society takes place at the same time. We do not want the gap between rich and poor to grow even bigger. More


Bullying stands for humiliation among humans. It mostly occurs in structured groups at school and at work. Bullies often resort to a repertoire of harassment and hurtful actions. To date there is still a lack of innovative solutions to this problem. More


Do search engines provide discriminating images and texts? How do algorithms reveal their prejudices and how dangerous can such filters be? Is objectivity of the algorithm fake or a rogrammed discrimination? More


Companies, foundations and corporations are constantly looking for innovations. These innovations often represent a great challenge. Innovation in management and corporate management in companies and corporations are important for the economy. The tremendous significance of innovations is confirmed by many examples. Outstanding inventions such as solar cells can be used for human purposes. Many firms donate their own products and services to other countries in order to enable people to slowly build structures that will support themselves over time. It’s about sustainability and infrastructure. Thus, the benefit for humans may be experienced over generations to come.